What kind of support can we help you with?


  • Personal care: Help to get up, get dressed, have a wash, prepare a meal.

  • Support: being reminded to take medication, help with paperwork and household bills, getting out & about, help with shopping and household cleaning, for family carers having break from caring.

  • Being Active: going shopping, using leisure facilities, being members of clubs, groups, churches, pursuing personal interests and associating with people you want to.

  • Learning and working: before retiring, getting and keeping a job,after retiring, continuing to learn if you want to or finding ways of helping in my community. 

  • Companionship: Individual friendships and group activities that help me stay connected.

  • Information and advice: Independent social work, advocacy, provided by people with lots of experience of health and social care. They can help you to work out what support will work best for you.