Alongside our own services, we use a network of quality local organisations to enable us to offer you a choice when it comes to care support.  Read more below and contact us to find out more.

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Social health & wellbeing consultation

Through our member organisations, we are able to offer a no obligation and free initial consultation to listen to you and learn more about your needs. This is a professional and client-focused service, where we work in partnership with you to formulate a plan and respect your confidentiality. We will then assist you by offering a range of options tailored to your needs.

Dementia Family Support Service

We offer a befriending service under contract from Doncaster Council to people living with Dementia in the east of Doncaster. We match our customers with a befriender that matches their personality and that they will enjoy spending time with. This service is ideal for providing family carers with a break from caring, and is available from just £15 per hour.

Social opportunities for people with a disability

Our network of member organisations offer a wide range of social events for people with a disability, including: - Social Pub Nights - Disco/nightclub events - Coach trips and "out and about" days to exciting and different destinations - Inclusive fitness classes - Vintage Tea Parties All held in accessible locations and delivered in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Help with budgets, benefits, grants, direct payments and lasting power of attorney

We can assist with all of the above. Depending on your circumstances you may wish for this to be delivered with more of a disability-focused specialism. Our offer in this area includes the following: - Benefits information and advice, as well as help and support with applications, attending appointments and appeal processes. - Supporting clients with Lasting Power of Attorney applications, for both property/finance and health/wellbeing. - Household budget planning to overcome financial difficulties and feel confident about future spendings. - Individual grant applications - acting as an intermediary when applying to trusts for grants to assist in overcoming financial barriers which have arisen as a result of health and social circumstances. - Financial advice for people with a disability.

Independent advocacy

Our member organisations offer Independent Advocacy services whereby they can advocate on behalf of a client when challenging decisions, to enable clients to focus on other areas of their daily health and wellbeing.


Motivational counselling is available to help clients to overcome planned or unplanned life changes.

Care planning & mediation

Working alongside clients and carers to create an appropriate person-centred care and support plan. Mediation is also available to help clients, families, carers and other parties involved in the decision-making process.

Day Centre

Our members Complete Care & Wellbeing run a day centre in Denaby Main - Terrace Gardens Adult Day Centre, positively encouraging social interaction to help prevent isolation/loneliness and to give respite to carers, families and friends. Days at the day centre involve a host of activities and discussions, including baking, crafts, mental stimulation games/quizzes, gardening and physical activities.

At-home support

Domestic and household tasks, help with shopping, sitting service, and "Dinner 2 Your Door".

Support for people with a disability

Our members can help you to find a PA (personal assistant), and can also provide specialist advice, advocacy, and provide information about events you can attend.

General social events and companionship

There is plenty of activity within Choices4Doncaster aimed at combating isolation and loneliness, and providing places and events that people can attend to meet and chat to others. - Vintage Tea Parties - Special times for special memories - "Bunting and Banter" groups - "Fun Filled Friday" ...and more All dementia friendly, accessible, and in a warm & welcoming environment.

Sports, active living, and help with mobility

If you are interested in physical activity and physical wellness, struggle with mobility, or generally want to improve your mobility, we can help. This includes strength and conditioning, fall prevention, help with back pain and help with long-term conditions like diabetes/obesity/COPD. We can also help if you need physiotherapy or occupational therapy.

Horticultural & land-based skills

Interested in digging the ground, growing plants and vegetables, and generally learning about horticulture and working with the land? We can link you up with member organisations who have venues and activities you may be interested in.

Creative art as therapy, and alternative therapy

If you are interested in creating art as a form of improving your general wellness or mental wellness, we have providers who run sessions that may appeal to you. Also if you are interested in alternative therapies, such as Indian head massages, hand massages, Reiki etc. as a means of improving physcial and mental wellbeing, we have options available.

Safe & Sound carer drop-off service

If you are caring for someone close to you, but struggle to find time to have a break or get every day stuff like grocery shopping done, why not try out Safe & Sound. You can bring your loved one along for a couple of hours every Tuesday afternoon, and leave them with our friendly and helpful staff who will look out for them, socialise with them, and provide activities. They can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a bite to eat in a safe and welcoming environment, giving you peace of mind and helping you to free up some time to have a rest or complete everyday tasks. Register your interest at