Martin Walker - Director

Martin is a Social Care policy and change professional with a passion for supporting people through Personalisation. His values and principles drive him to deliver excellent experiences of services, systems and processes for those people, transforming lives as a result.

Whole systems thinking, evidence based strategy formulation, programme, performance, quality and risk management form the strong foundation of his practice. His creativity, energy and relentless optimism enable Martin to carry forward innovative solutions in structured rational plans delivered through rigorous project management.

Denise Robinson - Director

Denise has worked for over 25 years within the health and social care sector and has experience in delivery, management, design and the implementation of services that support Independence and promote personalisation.

Denise currently manages the delivery of the Dementia family support service for the East of Doncaster and also works with a number of associates, "Friends In Deed" in order to establish long term befriending service relationships that support carers and people with living with dementia.

Paul Harper - Director

Paul is pleased to be providing the role of Company Secretary with Choices4Doncaster.  Paul brings to this role,  his experience of working within a range of health and social care services,  including commissioning and provider-based functions.  This experience spans NHS, third sector and private healthcare. Paul graduated with an MBA in 2016 and currently works full time with Care UK.  Paul lives in North Lincolnshire.

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